Interview with Mari Polanco – Owner of Leashes and Love NYC

16 Nov, 2016

Interview with Mari Polanco – Owner of Leashes and Love NYC

Leashes and Love NYC is a pet sitting company serving the New York Tri-State area. Insured and bonded, they offer dog walking, cat sitting, and pet grooming. Mari Polanco is the proud owner of Leashes and Love NYC.

1. When did you start your pet sitting business?

I started my business back in 2013 and formally launched it in 2014.

2. What does a typical day looks like?

A day full of furry love and keeping my babies happy. It’s very much full of joy and goofy moments and of course teaching and learning!

3. What do you like about being a pet sitter?

I love everything, every moment, feeling of being loved and wanted and being able to help other parents and their furry babies!

4. Tell us a funny pet sitting experience

Funny story – 1st day at my new job, I went to the client’s house and started looking for the puppy , for some reason, I couldn’t find him anywhere. The house was quite big so I went on calling for him over and over, checked every room, bathroom etc. My heart was beating fast. I am about to call my boss and then I looked at the door and there he is waiting for a belly rub, tongue out and tail wagging and I am about to catch a heart attack. I couldn’t help but laugh and drop to the floor with joy and relief and best of all, I got the best puppy kisses! I will never forget that day. He gave me kisses like it’s okay, I am here lol!

5. What tips do you have for newbie pet sitters?

My advice to new pet sitters: This is not a job. It’s a lifestyle. You have to love them, need them, want them. They become our family, our life. Take the job seriously.


Thank you so much Mari for taking the time to answer our questions!