Can You Have a Full-time Pet Sitting Job?

2 Oct, 2017

Can You Have a Full-time Pet Sitting Job?

Full-time Pet Sitting Job

Pet sitting is not for everybody but for those of you who love dogs and cats, it can be a part-time job. You can even turn that love and care for pets into a full-time pet sitting job if you want. If you live in one of the major cities in your country, chances are there will be a lot of pet parents who would pay for your services. In US and Canada alone, cities like New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Miami are teeming with pet parents who are more than willing to hire a pet sitter.

How Much Can I Earn

Earn from Pet Sitting

A full-time pet sitting job can be rewarding for pet sitters. You get to hang out with furry babies and get paid at the same time. An average dog walk in a major city can cost $15-20 per 1/2 hr. Not bad right? An in-house pet sitting can cost double or more.

According to PSI (Pet Sitters International), pet sitters earned an average of $48,635 a year in 2010.

Pet Care has been Proven to be a Resilient Market

Dog with a scarf

Pet care services such as pet sitting has been relatively unaffected by the economic downturn. More and more pet parents are hiring pet sitters and other pet care professionals.

There are several kinds of pet sitting services you can offer. You can do dog walking, accept in-house pet sitting, pet visitation, pet taxi, and if you have lots of space at home, you can offer pet boarding. With the help of, you don’t need to build your
own website to showcase your services. All you have to do is sign up and submit your business profile. We offer online booking that can
be customized according to your services and schedule. And no, you don’t need to pay huge amounts of money for membership. Our services
are free. You only need to pay when you post a “job ad” which is highly unlikely since you will be the one who needs a job. You can
accept booking online for free as long as you choose “pay on arrival”.

Some cities require pet sitters to have license and insurance. If you are thinking of becoming a pet sitter, you should check your city
requirements before doing so. It is also advisable to have some training. Being a pet sitter is not just a job. It requires a lot of patience and love for furry babies. Pets are not just pets for us pet parents–they are considered family. Treat them as you would treat any family member–with love and care.

Interested in becoming a pet sitter? Create your profile now and get started!