Pet Sitter FAQs

Who can post a job ad?

Anyone who is in need of a pet sitter (either a pet parent or a pet hotel owner) can post a job. Simply go to POST A JOB and fill up the form.

How can I promote my business profile?

Create a well written profile and make sure to attach several photos of your facilities or photos of your client’s pet while in your care. You can also offer a competitive price.

Do I need to be licensed and insured?

It depends on your local law and regulations. Please call your local animal control office about the requirements needed to be a pet sitter.

Is my profile approved instantly?

We manually review and approve profiles. It takes up to 24 hrs for your profile to appear in SitYourPets search results. 

Is Sit Your Pets free?

Signing up and creating your pet sitter profile is absolutely free. You only pay when:

1. You post a job ad. It costs a one time fee of $5 per job listing valid for 30 days. (Currently FREE to post a job ad.)

2. When a customer booked and paid your service through us. (You can always choose “Pay on Arrival” if you don’t want to use our online payment feature. We won’t charge you 3.5% if you choose this option.)

We only make money when you do. We’ll charge 3.5% per booking “paid” through us plus the corresponding credit card processing fee. This covers our advertising cost, site maintenance etc. If you have any questions, email us at

3. When you want your profile featured.

Want pet parents to easily find your business? Have your profile featured. For only $15/month your profile will appear on top of search results. (Coming soon)

When do I get paid?

When your customer pays online for the reservation, Sit Your Pets holds the funds securely for 24 hrs after the stay. After that, we’ll deposit the funds to your Paypal account and send you a notification via email.
In order for us to do this, you are supposed to email us your Paypal email at

Note: The funds transferred to you will be after Sit Your Pets’ 3.5% fees and the credit card processing fee for the amount of the whole stay. (Sit Your Pets’ fees enables us to give you the best experience including driving more customers to your business.)

How do I delete my account?

We hate to see you go, but if you decide to do so, just email a link to your profile and we will delete your account as soon as possible.