About Sit Your Pets

About Us

Sit Your Pets makes it incredibly easy to find and book reputable pet sitting companies, freelance pet sitters, pet hotels, pet service providers, and pet sitting gigs worldwide.

Founded by Pawsshion, LLC, (the company behind sityourpets.com), Sit Your Pets aims to provide the best experience for pet parents by connecting them with the best pet service providers around the world.

We also understand the struggles of making a pet sitting business work. Sityourpets.com make it easy for pet sitters by providing a free online booking service for their customers to use. Why pay for a booking software that can cost you hundreds of dollars when you can just use our booking system for free? Also, by creating your business profile, you won’t even need to maintain a website. You can just focus on your customers and let our platform do the job in showcasing your services to your target audience.

Meet Our Resident Pets

Mr. Munchkin


Mr. Munchkin is a Persian cat. He is a lap-monster, leg-rubbing, and hard to please little ball of fur.

He is pretty meticulous when it comes to Pet Hotels and only wants the best sitter for himself. He prefers to be with his best buddy Mimi the Poodle at all times.

Although, Mr. Munchkin exudes an aura of kingly command, he has a soft spot for dogs, especially Poodles


Mimi the Poodle

Mimi the PoodleMimi is a bright-eyed Miniature Poodle. She is crazy cute,  ready-to-please, and fiercely loyal.

When bored with Mr. Munchkin, her favorite past time is stealing a pillow and shaking it violently until it is dead. She’s always alert for something to chew.

When it comes to pet hotels, Mimi is just as fussy as Munchkin.